There’s a lot more involved in creating a successful work environment than simply moving in some office furniture and getting to work. Thoughtful space planning and office design contributes significantly to efficiency, productivity, safety, employee engagement and morale. Here are a few key factors to consider when planning your ideal workspace.


Your plan should be driven by the real-life workflow of your employees. Not sure what they do and how they do it from day to day?  Working with key internal staff members, identify their needs, whether their work environment is an assembly room floor or executive offices.  Your space plan should streamline efficiency and enhance productivity so both your employees and your company can be successful.


Preserving confidentiality and safeguarding data is not just an IT issue. The wrong office plan can also put these assets at risk. Identify where and how you can enhance privacy by using a variety of tactics that feel comfortable for employees, allow for collaboration and information sharing, yet remain secure for stakeholders while giving your employees the privacy they need to do their jobs.


Given the studies that show many employees spend more time at work than they do at home, comfort isn’t merely a “nice-to-have” piece of your office plan. Proper ergonomics are essential for employee safety. In addition to having happier, healthier staff, this also means improved employee retention and turnover rates. Create comfortable work environments that are aligned to an employee’s individual tasks – whether that involves sitting for long periods of time, spending many most of the work day on the phone, moving from one work station to another, or frequent use of a computer keyboard and mouse.


A workplace that is all about function with no thought to form can be counterproductive and unhealthy. Ideally, a workplace is an environment that supports peak performance from your dream teams, while fostering a positive company culture. When your workplace looks and feels its best, it inspires your employees to always be their best.


While many office plans focus on individual desks and work stations, it’s important to remember the value of togetherness. From break rooms to meeting space, a comprehensive plan includes all aspects of your daily needs at work.

At Bisson, our Custom Office Design experts work closely with your leadership team to help you create and implement the right plan for your needs. After setting a project timeline and budget, your experienced consultant will ensure that you only purchase necessary products, maximize your available space and build the ideal workspace that works for you and your employees.

Whether you are changing your existing space or planning a new one, contact us today to schedule a consultation visit.


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