Hiring a reliable moving company is a smart investment for a stress-free move.  While the professional crew packs up the moving van, you should transport some things in your personal vehicle. Specific regulations depend on your situation, like whether you are moving locally or across the country, and you can check with your moving consultant with any questions. In the meantime, here are five items to plan on transporting yourself.


The back of a moving truck is no place for your furry companions. It isn’t safe for feathered friends, scaly soul mates or any other pet either. There are extreme temperatures, heavy boxes that can shift during transport, and other things that can injure animals during a move. Feel free to pack away their large accessories, but bring your pets along for the ride in your family car. Remember to bring food, water, bedding and some favorite toys for long trips.

Hazardous Materials

For safety and liability reasons, movers will not transport loaded firearms or fireworks. In addition, there are many flammable and dangerous items like batteries, bleach, pool chemicals and weed killer that cannot be loaded into a moving truck. Click here for a list of hazardous materials and tips on pre-move safe disposal practices. 

Important or Valuable Items

Of course all of your belongings are important, but think about the items that are irreplaceable. The can include legal documents like birth certificates and passports, keys, safes, cash and photographs. For your own peace of mind, pack these items away carefully and transport them in your own car. 

Perishable Food

You may be able to pack pantry foods into the truck. However, anything that needs refrigeration or is easily spoiled requires special handling.  Try to use up what you can before moving day to reduce waste or consider donating your extra food.  For food items that you want to take with you, bring them in the trunk of your car for short drives. If you are moving a long distance, purchase a quality cooler and pack it with ice for the road.


As an agent of Atlas Van Lines, Bisson will transport plants for distances less than 150 miles and trips that last less than 8 hours. However, the safest place for delicate houseplants is with you.  Wherever your plants make their journey to their new home, make sure they are properly packed by following these tips.  

Take the time to think ahead, and keep yourself, your valuables, your pets, and your moving crew safe during your move! If you have any questions about what can be packed by our crew and what should be handled with your personal vehicle, talk to your Bisson moving consultant before the big day. We are here to help!


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