Moving to a new home can be a complicated process. Work with professional movers, who will expertly pack your belongings and transport them to your new house with care, and know exactly what to expect on your final bill before you move. These smart choices will go a long way to reduce stress and make moving day easier.

Choose a reputable, experienced moving company and ask for an in-home visit for the most accurate estimate. It’s a good idea to make sure the estimator is a Certified Moving Consultant. This credential, earned by passing a comprehensive exam from the AMSA, provides peace of mind in the competence and ethical conduct of the estimator in your home. 

Why Get an In-Home Moving Estimate?

Trained estimators know what to look for while walking through your home. A thorough estimate takes many factors into consideration. The weight and size of your belongings will affect transportation costs and how long it takes to move your household items.  The distance you are moving also must be considered.  Some customers opt to hire a professional packing team. Varying amounts of valuation coverage are also available.

If it’s not convenient to schedule an in-person walkthrough of your home, some forward-thinking moving companies (like Bisson) offer the option to do a guided video tour for estimating purposes. You can either have an estimator on the line with you during the video survey, or you can record it yourself and upload it for later review.

After evaluating every room of your house, you will receive an educated, detailed projection of your moving costs.  Armed with this information, you can create your moving budget. Moving can be a stressful time. The ability to plan in advance, and hire professional movers who can take the load off of you, is priceless. Contact the experienced professionals at Bisson Moving & Storage today for your free in-home estimate and know what to expect when you move. 

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