Maybe you caught the travel bug and are itching for a permanent overseas adventure? Or maybe you got a new job and are relocating for your career? Whatever the reason, moving to another country is both exciting and overwhelming. Here are a few essential steps to remember as you prepare for your international move.

Make a budget

Moving can be pricey, especially when moving internationally.  If your move is not being covered as a corporate relocation, plan for travel expenses, hotels and meals on top of moving costs. Once you arrive, you may also need to rent or buy a car, purchase furniture and stock up on groceries and household items that you couldn’t bring with you.  Make sure your bank and credit card companies are aware of your move, and find out the best way to access your funds outside of the U.S. Consider a global account that offers internet-based banking.

Check customs requirements

Every country has different regulations on what they will allow to cross their borders. Most countries have strict rules for pets, including proof of current vaccinations, so get both shots and certifications from your vet.  You will likely have to leave your houseplants behind, so find new homes before you move. Hire a reputable moving company with experience in international moves. They will be an invaluable resource as you navigate the complex process.

Collect any necessary paperwork

Make sure your documentation is in order well before moving day. Do you have a current passport for every family member?  Do you need a special visa in order to live or work where you are moving? Research the requirements of your new home country well in advance. If you have children, ask their school administrators for transfer documents.  Get copies of your medical charts from your doctor and dentist.  To defer your tax obligations with the IRS, tell the U.S. government where you are moving abroad and how long you plan to live there.  

Prepare for life in your new destination

Start learning the language and customs of your new home as early as possible. Apply for jobs if you don’t already have one lined up, and be sure you have the documentation required to legally work in your new country. Do some research on health insurance options.  Make sure your U.S. Driver’s License is current, and apply for in International Drivers Permit, which will allow you to drive in many countries. However, you may eventually need to take a driving test and obtain a local license.

These are just a few of the many tasks to remember as you get ready to move to a new country As you prepare for your extended international adventure, the moving experts at Bisson will be happy to provide an estimate along with all the information you need for a seamless transition.

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