Sometimes it seems like we are all drowning in a sea of documents. Who doesn’t have paperwork piling up? File boxes, cabinets, desk drawers…it can be hard to know which documents to keep and which to toss. Some papers contain sensitive information; others are just junk. And how do you tell which records should be shredded to protect your privacy and which are ok to be thrown out? For many companies, summer is the perfect time to evaluate and discard unnecessary paperwork. Play it safe and do some shredding this summer!

Sometimes the easiest thing to do in this situation is to shred everything. If you’re having a hard time sorting out your paperwork, don’t take a chance. You can always just err on the side of caution and shred them all. For those looking to be more methodical and systematic in their approach, here are some guidelines on what you should shred.

Financial Records

Obviously you don’t want your numbers getting into the wrong hands. The damage to you or your business could be devastating. Recovering from the theft of this valuable information could take a long time, or you may never recoup ‘your losses. Some professionals like bankers and mortgage brokers are bound by legal requirements to safeguard their client’s financial information, so make sure you destroy and dispose of old documents securely.

Health Information

Patient records contain private information like address, date of birth, family relationships, health history and medications. HIPPA laws are national but may vary by state, and they regulate when and how patient information may be destroyed. To safeguard this data, many healthcare facilities are transitioning to electronic health records. Once historical documents have been scanned, or when they are being disposed for other reasons, consider shredding them to safeguard privacy,

Legal Documents

From contracts to court records, these papers contain a lot of sensitive information. Law professionals and many others are legally bound to protect this information. It may need to be stored for a specified amount of time before it is safely destroyed to preserve confidentiality.

The document experts at Bisson can help store, scan and shred your valuable records, and can even help you keep track of when it’s time to shred them. Our industrial shredder chews through stacks of paper and reduces them to a fine mulch. If you require proof of shredding, we can provide a certificate. Contact Bisson Document Security this summer and get shredding!





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