Skilled, physically healthy and capable people can often do a reasonable job of building decks, installing fencing, remodeling a bathroom. Moving is one of these do-it-yourself projects that tempts many into thinking that they can tackle it without the help of professionals. Roughly “half” of the US moving population moves themselves with friends, neighbors and relatives for labor, using pick-up trucks, rental vans or borrowed trucks. Their “sweat equity” can save them money…as long as everything goes well, no one gets hurt, and Aunt Martha’s famous oil portrait survives to enjoy a new life in the new home.

So, what are some of the reasons that the “other half” hire professional movers to handle their household goods relocations? Customers who hire professional movers tend to have one (or more) of these attributes:

  1. Confidence in a mover who will take care of them by walking them through the process.

  2. Trust in a mover who will treat them and their belongings with care.

  3. Assurance in a mover who will charge them fairly for the services requested or required.

  4. They have no idea where to start.

  5. A level of disinterest relating to the moving process. Often times they don’t want to be involved any more than needed.

  6. A combination of stress, fear, and worry about moving.

  7. Moved themselves in past with less-than-positive experiences including furniture damages, extreme fatigue, bodily injuries, truck breakdowns, truck accidents, roadside theft, and more.

  8. Concerns relating to physical risks to body, property and possessions.

  9. Insufficient confidence around self-driving a large truck.

  10. A concern for valuable and/or cherished possessions.

  11. The financial means to afford to hire service professionals in general.

  12. More concern for the time aspects, than the cost to hire movers.

  13. Insufficient time, or must move in tight timeframe with work, family, or other responsibilities looming.

  14. More important things to do with their time.

  15. Physical limitations including age, injury, medical condition, addiction, etc.

  16. Emotional limitations because moving can be overwhelming, or the individual is unable to adequately grasp the task at hand.

  17. An unavailability of moving help.

  18. Personal image or ego concerns related to hiring a reputable mover because the latter will look good to the neighbors (doing it one’s self implies that one is cheap, or an inability to afford movers).

  19. Had parents or family who hired movers in the past and are now conditioned to do the same.
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