When moving to a new home, tipping your movers is optional. Professional movers are paid by the moving company to do their jobs and will never expect a tip. However, if they were extra careful with your prized possessions, breezed through the logistics of a complicated move, were extra friendly and helpful, or went above and beyond your expectations in some other way, tipping can be a tangible way to show your appreciation for a job well done.   Some customers wonder how much is too much, or not enough, and uncertainty is the last thing you need when finalizing a move. As always, the decision to tip, and the amount you tip, is a personal one. It is never expected or assumed. But for customers who ask this question, we’ve put together the following variables and some general guidance to consider.

When thinking about how much to tip your movers, ask:

  • How large was your move?
  • Did the movers have to go up and down a lot of stairs?
  • Were there many over-sized, heavy or awkward pieces to carry?
  • How long did the local move take?
  • Was it a long-distance move?
  • DId they provide exceptional service?

Assuming the movers do a good job, the general consensus is the harder the move, the larger the tip. In addition, the better the service, the more customers often feel inclined to tip.

You may prefer to determine a flat fee for tipping. For more complex moves, tips can be higher. Some customers choose to tip the foreman extra, but most opt to divide the cash tips and hand each mover the same amount.

Others decide on a percentage of the total moving costs and tip accordingly, usually starting at 5%, and going up from there, depending on the quality of your move experience. Taking 5% as an example, if a crew of two movers move you for $500-$750, you might tip a total of $25 to $40, or $10 to $20 for each mover. If you wish to tip more, or less, adjust the percentage or determine a flat fee that feels right to you.

Long-distance move tips can be a bit more complicated, as sometimes the crew that packs your moving truck is different than the crew that unloads it and places your belongings into your new home. If you decide to tip, ask if you will have different crews so you’ll know whether to tip on both ends or after the shipment is delivered to its final destination.

Tipping is a gesture of appreciation. If you’re disappointed with the performance of your movers, don’t give a tip. If you’re happy, you can let the moving crew know by giving each one a tip personally.  Alternatively, feel free to show your appreciation by providing cold drinks, lunch, or simply a smile and sincere thank you. You can also review their exemplary service on sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp. A professional moving company will seek to offer exceptional moving services with no tip expected. For consistent service with a smile, and experienced movers who care, contact Bisson for a free estimate before your next move. At Bisson, exceeding your expectations is our goal and your satisfaction is our reward for a job well done.



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