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Do you have space on-site to store old files and records?

When you calculate the square foot cost of office space, how much is this costing? Do you struggle to locate files and records in the cellar, attic or back room? Who does the looking and for how long? What kind of cost does your organization spend on the labor alone? Fix your costs, free up valuable office space, and achieve improved efficiency from your employees. Consider the many benefits of allowing Bisson Document Security to be your go-to solution for documents and records.

Record & File Storage

Office space comes at a premium. Storage space is much more affordable. Bisson can store your files, records, archives, file boxes…you name it for a fraction of what you may be spending now. Off-site file storage is less-costly, greener, more efficient and easier for you and your employees.

Barcode Inventory Management

Ever spend hours or days trying to locate a letter or contract, a file jacket, a box of files, or several boxes of files? Depending on your level of detail, Bisson’s barcode inventory system can track your files to the exact page you’re looking for…in minutes….not hours or days. Avoid digging through dusty or moldy boxes. Have it almost instantly, with Bisson’s Total Recall system.


Most businesses today continue to rely on paper receipts, banking documents, contracts, order forms, delivery documents, among many others. Have you looked into the cost of a scanning system, or the cost of paying someone to scan your paperwork? Once your items are scanned, how frequently will you really need to access all these files? Why not have Bisson store your files and records? Then, when and if you need a file, Bisson will scan it and email it to you as a PDF in minutes. You pay only fore the scans you need…and not all the rest.

Courier Service

Bisson offers same-day and next-day courier service in and around the Portland area at reduced rates for our clients. From one envelope, to hundreds of file boxes, Bisson Courier Service will save you time, expense and the hassle of moving those heavy items.

Bulk Document Shredding

When your files are scheduled for destruction (and Bisson’s system will track this for you), it is wise to have your retired records professionally shredded. Bisson’s shredder will chew through your formerly important documents, leaving nothing but fine grains of paper mulch…paper clips and all! Written certification of shredded documents is available, as well.


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