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Bisson offers your organization the ability to quickly and professionally have ultimate flexibility to up-size, down-size or reconfigure your offices, production floor, or storage space. Bisson’s Commercial Services Division can help you get right-sized, by utilizing your space in a highly efficient manner. When you partner with Bisson, you get seasoned, experienced space planning consultants, CAD designers, Project Managers and the skilled technicians to take it all apart…and put it back together, making your space work better than ever.

Office Moving

Bisson-I&R Commercial Services Division is the most extensive and capable office and commercial mover in Maine. Bisson’s experienced consultants, systems, procedures, trained and competent project managers, and experience in performing most of the largest and most complex moves in Maine history, means that your organization will be up-and-ready on Monday morning…without missing a beat.

Workstation Installation & Reconfiguration

Bisson technicians are trained and knowledgeable in most of the major office systems furnishings. Bisson consultants will work with you to assess your current configuration, to determine what must be done to build-out the office space you have in mind. Our no-nonsense, practical methods assure you of less product purchasing, more effective use of space, and realistic timeframes and budgets for your projects.

Space Planning

Bisson’s in-house CAD designers can take your existing space, and your new space, and determine the feasibility of, schedule for and products requirements for any new configuration, or reconfiguration.

Warehouse & Distribution

Do you order and receive retail fixtures, hotel or restaurant furnishings, products for new construction, materials for renovation, ongoing product inventory, or technology replacement inventory? How do you handle the receiving, unloading, inventorying, storage and delivery? Even if you have lift trucks and a warehouse, do you find yourself pressed for space sometimes? Bisson is your solution. Arrange to have your product or inventory shipped directly to Bisson. We’ll track it, receive it, prepare it, delivery it, install it, and remove the packaging debris on the way out.

Asset Management

Need extra space for your extra office equipment, consumables, or other important items. Need better protection and security than a self-storage locker, or a dusty or damp cellar or back room? Bisson’s barcode inventory management system allows you to have a real-time inventory of your all of your assets, 24/7 online. Need these things picked-up or delivered next-day or same-day? Order your deliveries 24/7 online.


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