Space Planning

There’s a lot more involved in creating a successful work environment than simply moving in some office furniture and getting to work. Thoughtful space planning and office design contributes significantly to efficiency, productivity, safety, employee engagement and morale.

Here are a few key factors to consider when planning your ideal work space:


Your plan should be driven by the real-life workflow of your employees. Working with key internal staff members, we will help identify your team’s needs, whether their work environment is an assembly room floor or executive offices.  Your space plan should streamline efficiency and enhance productivity.


Protect sensitive data and client confidentiality with a solid office plan . We can help you identify where and how to enhance privacy, allowing for secure collaboration and information sharing, while keeping the design comfortable for employees.


Many employees spend more time at work than they do at home. Proper ergonomics are essential for employee comfort and safety. Our team will install comfortable work environments per your specifications that are aligned to an employee’s individual tasks.


The ideal workplace is an environment that supports peak performance from your dream team, while fostering a positive company culture. Bisson can help your workplace look and feel its best, which in turn will inspire your employees to give their best work.


Whether you are reconfiguring your existing space or planning a new one, contact us today to schedule a consultation.