Moving is a busy time. While some customers prefer to pack their own belongings, others would rather leave the packing to the pros while they focus on other aspects of the move. No matter where you fit within this spectrum, Bisson is here to support you.

If you choose to pack  yourself, we can provide professional grade packing materials that you can trust to protect your valuables like bubble wrap and thick paper. If you’re not finished yet as moving day approaches, let us know. Our experienced packing team will be  happy to jump in and help you finish packing.

We promise to treat your possessions with the same loving care that you would. Our trained professionals can pack your most fragile items, disassemble and reassemble furniture, label your electronics for easy hook up at your destination, and much more. We can even build custom crates for large, oddly-shaped or priceless items. We have packed many unusual things within the past century!  Nothing surprises our professional crews, and we are always up for the challenge.

 Aside from packing items into crates and boxes, we provide an additional level of protection for every move by wrapping and padding your furniture, mattresses and all other household items. We carefully pack everything into the moving truck, making sure it stays organized and secure for your trip home.

Have a packing question?

Ask about our different packing options. If you need to move it, we can pack it!