File Storage

Office space comes at a premium. Secure, off-site file storage is less costly, more efficient and much easier to manage.

Some vital documents must be maintained due to their critical value, for a specified amount of time or indefinitely. Other records you may choose to keep, but lack the storage space you need. Bisson’s HIPPA-compliant storage facility provides an effective document management solution.

Storing your records in a secure environment with a regulated temperature will ensure that the paper, and the information printed on it, will not deteriorate or become damaged.

Bisson can archive your files, records, contracts, receipts…whatever you need stored, we have the solution. Need file boxes? We can provide those too, and help you pack those documents away. Our courier can move them from your location to our secure facility and return a single file or several boxes if the need should arise. Utilize our document scanning service, and enjoy the convenience of 24-hour access to your records from any desktop or mobile device.

Contact our Document Security professionals and ask how Bisson can serve your storage needs.