Happy Centennial (1919-2019) Bisson Moving & Storage Company

On this date (February 26) one hundred years ago, the first natural lands east of the Mississippi River were established as a national park pursuant to legislation signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson. The area, then called Lafayette National Park in Maine, is...

Posted Roads – What you should know for Spring moves in Maine

Every spring in Maine local municipalities “post” certain roads that are susceptible to damage from heavy vehicles as the freeze-thaw cycle begins. As the weather begins to warm up, the melting snow saturates the ground under the roads which weakens the base the...

Public Beware!

When choosing a mover, qualities like size, longevity and integrity are important! The moving industry has more than its fair share of "rogues" who over promise, cut corners, violate the law and abuse their workers in order to compete on price alone. Copy and paste...

Happy Centennial (1919-2019) Bisson Moving and Storage Company!

A lot has changed over the past 100 years. One thing that hasn’t is Bisson’s commitment to quality professional moving services at a fair price. On this date in 1919, Nebraska became the 36th state to approve the proposed 18th Amendment to the United States...

Let Bisson Handle It – Privacy Space

Remember the old Phone Booths? Well...they're back...sort of. The advent of the handheld cellular phone in 1973 was the end of traditional phone booths. But it's awkward (for everyone, speakers, listeners and innocent bystanders alike) to talk on a cell phone in...

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Bisson Moving & Storage
Bisson Moving & Storage
Love it when this happens! Fortunately, it happens all the time 🙂
Bisson Moving & Storage
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One fun project the Bisson team assisted in this summer was helping out with moving all the existing furniture and contents of classrooms from 6 schools in the RSU19 district and moving two of those schools into the completed brand new middle school in Newport. Great job Nickerson & O’Day on all the hard work! It looks great! #movebisson
Bisson Moving & Storage
Bisson Moving & Storage
Happy Pride Month Everyone!!!