An office move is bound to have challenges. Business owners must move expensive equipment while ensuring it isn’t damaged. It’s crucial to minimize downtime to prevent losses during the move. Once the business has relocated, owners must get everything up and running immediately. This article will cover the main tips and tricks to make your office move seamless.

Schedule Ahead

According to MoveBuddha, June is the number-one most common month of the year to move. It’s common for a local moving company to get backed up for weeks during the summer months, so try to schedule your move months beforehand if possible. Contact a local company to determine their available moving dates and lock in your date.

Determine Services

A local moving company can help you move office equipment. However, most companies offer several other services. Many businesses will pack, move, and unpack your office equipment for you. They may also help you with document management, including document shredding. Determine what services you need and what you will do yourself.

Start Everything Early

Never wait until the last minute to start packing. Instead, get started as soon as you lock in your moving date. Encourage employees to pack things they want to move themselves. Avoid purchasing new office furniture and other items that must be moved later. Remember, the total cost of your move usually depends on how much stuff you have that must be moved.

Organize Items

Most office owners prefer to pack their things in boxes to organize items. Employees should all have individual boxes to ensure they don’t lose anything. This can also make unpacking items easier. Carefully label boxes with a name. Put a list on the side of the box that details everything inside the box.

Plan the Layout

When you move an entire office, there’s bound to be a little downtime. However, it would help if you try to get the business up and running as soon as possible after moving. One way to do this is to plan the layout of your new office. Determine where the furniture and equipment will go after the move to make setup quick. You can ask a local moving company to put things where you want them.

A local moving company can instantly help take some of the stress away from moving. At Bisson Moving & Storage, we specialize in moving, packing, unpacking, document management, crating, and more. Contact us today to lock in your moving date.