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For any intrastate move involving temporary storage and for inbound interstate moves, again involving temporary storage in Maine, Bisson’s storage vaults and vault vans create economy and help avoid damage. If your move originates and delivers in Maine (an intrastate or “local” move) but your goods need to reside in our warehouse between residences, Bisson can send a pallet van to your origin residence with empty storage vaults onboard ready to be loaded. Your belongings are then packed or wrapped as necessary and carefully loaded directly into the storage vaults at your origin residence. The vaults are then offloaded (by fork truck) at our warehouse and put away. When you are ready for delivery, the vaults are then forklifted back into a vault van and brought to your destination residence. This process minimizes the number of times your belongings are handled thus minimizing labor cost and also the possibility of damage. Less handling means lower cost and less opportunity for damage.

Similarly, if your belongings are moving from out of state into Maine (an Interstate move) and need to reside in our Maine warehouse temporarily between residences, the same theory applies. When they arrive at our warehouse, they are inventoried, carefully placed in furniture vaults and tucked away. When it is time to deliver to destination, the vaults themselves are forklifted into a vault van and are not opened until the van arrives at your residence. At residence the goods are unloaded and placed in your home. Once again, as compared with the “loose loading” done by other moving companies, storage vaults coupled with vault vans minimizes both labor cost and damage potential.

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