Occasionally there is the need for third party services to assist with certain aspects of your move.  This post will explain the process in more detail, and why it may be necessary. 

Examples of items that generally require third party service:

  • Removing or installing TV mounts from walls
  • Building solid wood crates for artwork, marble tabletops, mirrors, large televisions
  • Pool table service (typically includes the crating of slate as well)
  • Preparing grand and baby grand pianos for transport
  • Disassembly and reassembly of grandfather clocks
  • Disassembly beyond normal furniture (taking apart beds, dining room tables, etc. is standard for your Bisson movers).  This may include swing sets, bunk beds, trampolines, gym equipment, large or complex pieces of furniture
  • Any appliance service such as removing water lines from refrigerators, disconnecting gas lines, installing shipping bolts in front-load washing machines (this prevents damage to the tub during transport), or servicing hot tubs,  

A lot of folks have items in their home that are unique, delicate, and valuable, but items like the ones above require an expert’s touch to disassemble or prepare for transport. Having a third party involved allows the movers to focus on moving, while ensuring your items receive the professional attention that is necessary from experts in that field. 

We can take the legs off a dining room table, but a pool table…best left to a billiards expert!   

A trusted third party contractor is selected at our request, with a wide range of skill sets.  The contractors selected have been thoroughly vetted and provide a very high level of service for our customers.  They will generally come 1 or 2 days before your scheduled move date to complete the work, and then return after your household goods are delivered to reassemble or un-crate items and remove debris.

What to Expect

Using a grandfather clock as an example, we will go over the process of the services performed to help highlight why it is necessary to use a third party in some instances. 

First you would begin by speaking with your move consultant about your grandfather clock and any concerns you may have about transporting it. 

After inspecting the clock and discussing options with you your consultant would obtain pricing for the services required and include them on your estimate.  Once your move is scheduled you would be contacted to arrange for the service date, where a technician would come out to your home to perform the work. 

This would include carefully packaging any finials and the pediment, as well as removing and packaging weights, cables or chains, and pendulums.  Some clocks require a solid wood crate for transport, while others may ship in a standard grandfather clock box, which Bisson will supply. 

After the delivery in your new town, another clock smith in that area would be selected to reassemble, level, and wind the clock for you. 

If you would like to discuss items you think may need third party services, just give us a call, request a quote, or send us an email, and Let Bisson Handle It!