The Coronavirus has had a major impact on work environments and how business is conducted. Many employers had no choice but to either shut down or allow their employees to work from home. Once schools closed employees needing to care for their children had to start working from home. This dramatic change occurred very quickly and employers had to accept the new norm of people working from home. Now, people are working in spaces that are not designed for office use which presents an entirely new set of challenges.

Home Offices & Ergonomics

Just as at the office, it is important to make sure that your employees are able to work in a safe environment with proper ergonomics.

The proper working environment helps improve productivity and will reduce the chances for workplace injuries. Each employee has different requirements, and their work station needs to be aligned with their unique individual physique. Working at a dining room table, kitchen counter, or sofa is not ideal over a prolonged time. According to OSHA, an injury in a home office is a workplace injury.

It is easy to overlook these employees or the conditions that they may be working in. Over long periods of time the risk of injury will increase, and by addressing this now, you will help ensure the health and happiness of your employees.

Below is a link to the CDC checklist for ergonomics at a computer work station:

Computer Workstation Checklist

Do you think your staff are meeting these guidelines?

How Bisson Can Help

Bisson is a leader in the commercial moving sector and will continue to provide the highest level of service to our customers. If you have employees working from home you should contact Bisson to see how we can help. We can deliver office furniture to their residence, rearrange furniture in the current home office space, and set up everything for them to ensure their comfort. In addition, we can also install monitor arms, height adjustable desks/tables, as well as lighting solutions.

We have also been busy re-configuring offices to accommodate social distancing for your employees that have returned to the office. If there is another service you do not see listed, just ask, we can do it!

Please call us at: 207-591-1000, text: 207-536-3886, or send an Email and see what we can do for your team!

Adorable example of the author’s temporary home office from March.