Are you preparing for a residential move? If you have heavy furniture or other heavy items, it’s best to get a professional mover. While you may think you’re saving money and time moving these things on your own, that may not be the case. Here are a few reasons to add a professional mover to your moving list if you have heavy items.


Have you ever had to lift something heavy? Lifting weights at the gym isn’t the same as moving a huge couch, bed, or large TV on your own. When you hire a professional to do this type of work, they can do so without injuring themselves. They also work in teams and have the right safety harnesses and back braces. They always use the right lifting techniques to avoid problems. However, if you hurt or strain yourself while moving, it can make the moving process even more difficult than it should be.


If you don’t have the training to move furniture or other heavy items, it could take a long time. However, a professional mover knows how to quickly and efficiently move your heavy items, regardless of how far you’re going. They know how to maneuver that couch or bedpost without damaging it. A good mover also knows how to efficiently take things apart and reattach them again when you arrive at the new location.


When you hire a moving company, you have the additional protection of insurance. According to, nearly half of all 2021 moves were cross-town moves, and roughly 78% of movers stayed within the same state. Imagine trying to move all your heavy items across the state while trying to avoid damage. If you don’t know how to properly tie things down and secure them, they could easily get damaged in transit. Movers know how to secure those items and avoid such issues. If an accident occurs, their insurance will cover it, so you can get some compensation.

These are just some reasons why a local mover is a worthy investment when you’re making your next big move. Whether you’re moving light or heavy items, they know how to handle them in a timely and efficient manner. Don’t risk injuring yourself or breaking your precious large furniture. Leave that in the hands of the professionals and give our team a call today at Bisson Moving & Storage.