Today we will discuss winter moving tips and some suggestions that will ensure a smooth move, no matter what the weather brings!

Winter Moving Tips Before You Move

Let your plow guy know your move date, and request that they keep your driveway clear. If you are moving to a new town, find a new plowing contractor and communicate dates with them so when the moving truck arrives we are good to go. We recommend calling 2-3 weeks before your move date to secure a plowing company. Check with the seller’s Realtor or your new neighbors for recommendations if you need help.

Have plenty of salt and sand available, especially if you have a sloped driveway or walkways. Salt does a better job of melting ice and snow, but sand is better for traction, so use salt near the house and sand on the driveway.

Make sure that walkways and stairs are shoveled wider than normal so the crew has room to maneuver large pieces. Don’t forget about sheds, outbuildings, decks, or daylight basements!

Clean off any outdoor furniture several days before your move, if possible move them into the garage to dry off. This will prevent melting snow inside the moving van which could get other items wet.

Leave a buffer between your move date and closing dates in case a big storm causes delays.

Keep an eye on the forecast and communicate any concerns with your move coordinator or consultant.

Keep reading for more suggestions and tips for winter moving where we focus on the actual move day!

On Your Move Day

If you have done all of the above you should be in good shape and ready to go. Here are some more tips and suggestions for winter moving the day of:

If it is snowing or colder than normal please remember the crew may be a little slower in getting to your home. The trucks handle much differently in the snow (especially when empty), and sometimes can be sluggish to start.

Have some warm drinks or snacks available for the crew: apple cider, tea, or coffee are good options, as well as muffins or breakfast sandwiches wrapped in foil.

Dress in layers! While loading, the crew will be in and out all day, letting in lots of cold air. Your furnace will have trouble keeping up so we recommend turning the heat down to 60-65.

Ask about placing floor protection down in high traffic areas to avoid damaging wood floors or soiling carpet. Moving crews cannot wear booties over their shoes, but they will bring lots of floor protection!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss planning a winter move, click Here to request a quote and get more info. You can also call 207-591-1000 to schedule an appointment. We have been moving for over 100 Maine winters, and have the expertise to make sure your move goes smoothly.

PS: Our discounted winter rates are in effect from November-April!