When it comes to your personal belongings, lower price isn’t always the best.  In a perfect world every move goes well and the mover’s employees are fun, responsive, informative and helpful, Life isn’t perfect!. Yet what you pay for a mover can make the difference between a stressful and a non-stressful move.

A higher priced or  moderately-priced mover will be more consistent with every aspect of how they conduct business.  Embedded in consistency is reliability.  Those who aim to be consistent and reliable hold themselves to higher standards.  Standards could and should include, but are not limited to: showing better care to your belongings, showing great respect toward you, and working efficiently with each other.  Having standards implies the ability to measure the results.  These companies measure their success (or failure) by asking their customers for feedback. With this feed back the company can then measure how effective their packers, consultants, and even office workers are performing and determine new ways to improve.

Although price is an important piece to consider when deciding on any service, price alone should be one aspect of your decision-making process.  When you pay for a move, you are buying people; their time, their expertise, skills and success.  Companies that pay their people well, tend to provide better service-quality outcomes.   Why do people pay hundreds of dollars for a nice meal, when a 50-cent bowl of oatmeal will satisfy their hunger.  There is value is paying a little more for the kind of outcome that you expect.  Remember you’re paying for the Quality and Efficiency of the people planning for, and handling your valued possessions.  A little price difference can make a huge difference in the quality of the people you are inviting into your home.