So you finally made your big move!  Even when you hire professional help, moving is a long process. We know that you can’t wait to relax and enjoy your new home.  But you’re not done yet…now it’s time for unpacking and placing all your belongings in their new locations.

To save some time (and stress) when this time comes, set aside a few minutes before you move to make a post-moving plan. It may seem like just one more thing to do at the time, but any time spent on planning your post-move strategy will make unpacking more productive.  Here are a few tips for post-move success.

Mindful Packing Makes for Easier Unpacking

Imagine the nightmare of sorting through stacks of unlabeled boxes.  Not only will you not know what’s inside the boxes, you won’t even know which room they belong in until you open each one. If you do your own packing, we have some additional advice:

  • Try to pack things from a single room or area into the same box whenever possible

  • Develop a system that works for you and label every box with a number, letter or color, depending on its final destination in your new home

  • Create a master list of each box, including the room it goes in on moving day and the contents, and keep it somewhere safe. Print a copy, and save a digital copy as well (email it to yourself or save it in cloud storage for easy access).

  • Consider packing a box of essentials for each family member. These basics needed to get you through the first couple of days and nights in your new home.

Set Realistic Unpacking Goals

With your list of boxes in hand, you will be ready to start the unpacking process.  But after the long process of moving, you may not be ready to tackle all of the unpacking at once. Maybe your new home or apartment needs a good cleaning first, and the thought of cleaning, unpacking and organizing right after moving leaves you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.  Our advice is to prioritize and take your time. Start with your boxes of essentials, then set up your beds, plug in your TV, hang up the shower curtain and make your first meal. From there, you can set up large pieces of furniture, either working room by room or by deciding what is most important to unpack now and what can wait. Just remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it probably wasn’t unpacked in a day either. Give it time.

Save Time and Hire Professionals

Professional movers are experts at both packing and unpacking. They can handle creating a box inventory list, placing boxes into the correct rooms upon arrival, reassembling of beds and furniture, and the careful unpacking of moving boxes. Contact the pros at Bisson to discuss your move, and ask for a free estimate on moving and packing services. Before you know it, your new house will feel like home.