Residential Moving Service you can Trust from People who Care

Bisson has been providing moving services to families and businesses like yours since 1919, over 95 years.  Whether you are rearranging your home, staging for a home sale, moving across town, cross-country, or around the globe, Bisson’s experienced Certified Moving Consultants will ease the process, and help you to facilitate the best possible move for your circumstances.

Local Moving Service Options

Bisson is proud to serve Maine towns and cities on a personal and professional level. Bisson's moving professionals care deeply about making every customer's move seamless and easy. Click on any of the Maine city links below to find out what Bisson can offer you:

Portland    -    Scarborough    -    ​Yarmouth    -    ​Brunswick    -    ​Auburn    -    ​Freeport

Lewiston    -    ​Kennebunkport    -    ​Camden    -    ​Saco    -    ​Augusta    -    ​Westbrook



Moving within the same state. Bisson maintains Maine, New Hampshire & Massachusetts local operating authority.

Long Distance

Moving across state line. Also known as Interstate moving. US/Canada moves are also considered to be long-distance.


Wrapping and placing smaller and/or fragile items into moving cartons for safe transit.


Climate-controlled vault storage for those times when closing dates don’t line up, while building or renovating, or whenever you need some extra space.

Private Family

When you’re paying for your own move.

Corporate Relocation

When your move is paid-for by your company or new employer.


Moving from one country to another. Moves to/from Alaska/Hawaii are considered to be international.


Preparing very delicate and high-value items by constructing sturdy, custom wooden crates for safe transit.


School is back in session this week in our home of Westbrook, Maine and in many other towns across the country. This means there will be...


When you move, there are heavy cardboard boxes full of books and dishes, and furniture pieces of all shapes and sizes. Beyond the usual...