Happy Centennial (1919 – 2019) Bisson Moving and Storage Company

Bisson’s founding year, 1919, was not a good one for our Country. In fact, many historians argue that it rivaled 1968 as, perhaps, the worst year in 20th Century America. World War I had ended in November of the previous year and most everyone was hoping for the...

Let Bisson Handle It – Cold

  Baby It's Cold Outside! Winter in Maine is Cold!!! But no worries, your Bisson professional movers are equipped to handle whatever weather Maine has to throw at us. You stay warm inside and "Let Bisson Handle It"

Prevent Falls in Your Home this Fall

One in four people over the age of 65 falls each year, and this number increases to one in two by the age of 80. Fall-related injuries can result in hospitalization and sometimes death, and individuals who fall (or are simply afraid of falling) often face significant...

Explore Bisson’s new website and win an L.L. Bean gift card!

As Bisson grows, so does our website. Exceptional customer service is our highest priority, and we realized that we could improve our online presence to better serve your needs. After months of planning, designing, creating, testing and developing, we are very proud...

How to Move a Piano

Ideally, when it’s time for musicians to move, the skills of highly-trained professionals with expert techniques and specialized tools will be used to safely transport and navigate large, valuable instruments like pianos from one home to another. Moving a piano can be...

How to Paint Like a Pro

When you are moving into a new home that had previous owners, it may not be decorated to your tastes quite yet. Nothing livens up a room and gives it a custom look and feel better than a fresh coat of paint. If hiring a professional painting crew isn’t in your moving...

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Bisson Moving & Storage
Bisson Moving & Storage
Happy Pride Month Everyone!!!
Bisson Moving & Storage
Bisson Moving & Storage
Happy Father's Day to all you hard workin' Dads out there!
We understand!!

Let Bisson Handle it!
Bisson Moving & Storage
Bisson Moving & Storage
A picture perfect day for moving in Woolwich, ME.

Let Bisson Handle It!

Bisson Moving & Storage Company
Celebrating 100 Years (1919-2019) of Superior Service